Saturday, October 30, 2004

Kevin Kringle: Yes, THAT Kringle.

Kevin Kringle: Yes, THAT Kringle

A mysterious delivery guy has been spotted across the internet and has everyone asking: "Who Is Kevin Kringle?" This elusive character has inspired many to take to message boards in order to piece together clues in order to find his true identity.

Kevin Kringle is reportedly the brother of Kris Kringle, the legendary holiday-figure. Unlike his brother who lives with elves at the North Pole, Kevin lives an average life in Kissimmee, Florida. Instead of driving a magical flying sleigh, Kevin drives a non-magical overnight delivery truck. Did he run away from his heritage or did he simply not want a life in the limelight? One only needs to visit his website ( to find the answer. This man is just horrible at gift-giving for the Holidays.

Kevin was recently overheard saying: "The Holidays have always been tough for me and frankly, they're just not my thing. I like to buy people gifts, but I usually end up picking horrible presents. Some of my friends and family refer to me as "holiday challenged." But, this year - I have a plan." When asked what that plan was going to be, Kevin simply smiled and stated: "You will have to wait and see."

One thing is for certain, Kevin likes to keep people guessing and until his plan is revealed, fans of this new "celebrity" will keep following the clues he leaves behind.